Strategy and Management

If you have a blog or website and you’re not using Pinterest or utilizing it to the fullest, you’re missing out and leaving money on the table!

Pinterest is a BIG DEAL. Your business, especially if it’s online, will definitely benefit from having a strong Pinterest presence.

Why is Pinterest such a big deal?

According to the latest statistics, Pinterest has over 200 million monthly active users – more than other social media platforms combined!

Pinterest is a visual search tool and more than 2 billion searches happen every month.

Pinterest users love to shop. 9 out of 10 of them use Pinterest to plan purchases. Their income level is 9% higher than non-Pinterest users. They have more money to spend, which means more businesses for you!

Pinterest has grown exponentially. As it continues to grow faster than ever, this exponential growth means more opportunities for you to reach your audience on Pinterest.

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However… whether you’re new and just starting out or you’re already on Pinterest for a while, managing your Pinterest profile and developing a Pinterest strategy can be confusing, boring and takes up a huge chunk of your time. Let me take care of it for you.

Initial Pinterest Business Account Setup

One-Time Fee: $297 †
  • Verify website domain and enable Pinterest analytics
  • Create keyword-optimized profile
  • Enable rich pin status
  • Follow 50 influencers
  • Create 10 keyword-optimized boards with descriptions
  • Add 15 pins to each board with a mix of your pins and others
  • Locate and apply to 10 niche-specific group boards *
  • Locate and join 5 niche-specific Tailwind Tribes *
† One-time initial business account setup fee is $127 if you sign up for the monthly maintenance package.

* I will only locate group boards and Tribes if you do not sign up for the monthly maintenance package.

Monthly Maintenance Package

* Tailwind Tribes are great if your blog/site is new because your content can go out to audiences that your Pinterest profile can’t reach yet.

Initial Tailwind Setup

One-Time Fee: $197
  • Verify website domain
  • Link Pinterest account to Tailwind
  • Establish a daily pinning schedule for your content or other’s content
  • Set up board lists
  • Set up Tailwind Tribes or join other Tribes

Pinterest Image Design Package

Whether it’s sorting through months and months of previously published posts, or scheduling new monthly content, I can help you design Pinterest images that compliment your amazing work. As a one-time session or on a monthly basis, let’s work together to bring more people from Pinterest to your blog or website via visually appealing images.

Existing Pinterest Account Analysis

One-Time Fee: $297
  • Review entire Pinterest account, marketing plans and goals
  • Determine how to best implement your marketing strategy
  • Determine best-performing pins, boards and Tribes
  • Review Pinterest pin rankings, SEO and pin descriptions
  • Review and alter your pinning schedule if necessary

A La Carte Services

  • Review and update pin content for search results
  • Research competitor’s pins
  • Manage group boards
  • Clean up existing Pinterest account (delete pins, restructure board layout, etc.)
  • Clean up and overhaul Tailwind scheduling tool